Print In-House for Less with Brandywine Labels and Epson Printers

At Brandywine, we provide an all-in-one solution for your labeling needs by taking the guesswork out of your hardware search. At the top of our printer recommendations list is Epson — perfect for high-volume, in-house labeling applications.

Do It In-House For Less

Epson printers provide reliable performances for high-speed color printing — ideal for busy, on-demand environments.

The unique chemistry of our Brandywine Prime™ labels allows for astounding image quality. Pair our labels with Epson printers you will get even more vibrant, accurate colors, smooth gradations, precise barcodes and ultra-sharp text.

ColorWorks C7500G Inkjet Label Printer

The ColorWorks C7500G inkjet label printer offers on-demand, full-color glossy label printing at speeds up to 11.8" per second. Built for reliable, high-quality performance, the C7500G is ideal for demanding, high-volume environments that require durable, glossy, customized labels at a low cost.

The C7500G printer has the built-in ability to automatically merge color artwork from memory, eliminating the need for pre-printed labels in traditional thermal transfer applications. And with the seamless integration of Brandywine labels, you will get a lower total labeling cost than with a third-party printer.

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